Children’s Books that Encourage Empathy through the Wonder of the Natural World

Intricately detailed birds seemingly fly off the pages of this poetic and encouraging picture book about hope and resilience. It’s the perfect gift for birdwatchers, graduates, or anyone seeking motivation.

Catch the current of a bird’s wing. Dance with hope into open skies.

From avid birder and acclaimed wildlife illustrator Rebekah Lowell comes a soaring message of encouragement. Readers will find inspiration in a Yellow Warbler greeting a sunrise, a flock of Canada Geese supporting each other by sharing the weight of the wind, a Red-Tailed Hawk trusting its own wings, and a plucky Northern Saw-Whet Owl braving a chilly night. Ending on the optimistic note of a new day, this book is a parable about enduring life’s setbacks, as well as a glorious celebration of the outdoors. An afterword is included, with factual information about the ten birds featured in the book

Catching flight

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March 7, 2023

This poignant debut novel in verse is a portrait of healing, as a young girl rediscovers life and the soothing power of nature after being freed from her abusive father. For most of her life, Lacey has been a prisoner without even realizing it. Her dad rarely let her, her little sister, or her mama out of his sight. But their situation changes suddenly and dramatically the day her grandparents arrive to help them leave. It’s the beginning of a different kind of life for Lacey, and at first she has a hard time letting go of her dad’s rules. Gradually though, his hold on her lessens, and her days become filled with choices she’s never had before. Now Lacey can take pleasure in sketching the world as she sees it in her nature journal. And as she spends more time outside making things grow and creating good memories with family and friends, she feels her world opening up and blossoming into something new and exciting.

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Catching Flight is a meditative picture book about hope and possibility, depicted through the metaphor of birds and their flight.

A children's poetry anthology curated by co-authors Irene Latham and Charles Waters, illustrated by Olivia Sua, in which a diverse group of poets use the word "if" as the first word in the first line of each poem, inviting readers to take their own leaps into different worlds—from the Practical to the Fantastical. 

Rebekah Lowell is an author-illustrator whose curiosity about nature fuels her creativity. Her childhood, filled with wildflowers, finds its way into her work. A mother of two and survivor of domestic abuse, she is passionate about resiliency, freedom, and hope.

Meet The Author

Rebekah Lowell: writer, illustrator, artist

NESCBWI Ruth Landers Glass Scholarship

Susan P. Bloom Discovery Award 

PEN America Writer’s Grant

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