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A hidden side of the creative process When we believe in ourselves, we produce better work, but what happens when we can’t find that belief? Have you ever had a crushing life event that took the wind out of your sails but you still had to find a way to go on because your livelihood […]

Confidence & Creativity

There was a BEFORE, before there was an AFTER. This is how the story was made. After fleeing abuse in 2013, I returned to my creative passions, so I applied to Hollins University. My daughters and I our first roadtrip to Roanoke, VA in 2014. In 2016, what is now called THE ROAD TO AFTER […]

The Journey of The Road to After

National Poetry Month BROWN GIRL DREAMING by Jacqueline Woodson BROWN GIRL DREAMING sparked my love of novels in verse. I appreciate all the sensory details, like drinking water out of scooped out gourds and the sounds of her surroundings. I felt like I was there with young Jackie as she navigated the changing landscape around […]

Middle Grade Novels in Verse that Encourage Empathy

Photo by Brooke Larrabbee   It’s not easy to share about, but in this interview below I open up about my experience of surviving ten years of isolation and domestic abuse. The timeline is a little blurry, the locations I was kept at and which order they go in are a little fuzzy, but the […]

Finding Our Voices Interview

My 2020 Monarch season: 154 releases (73 females / 81 males) Survival rate: 93% In the wild, the survival rate is only about 3%. I kept a log book this year, journaling my observations, release data, and what we named each butterfly. This past year was hard, no doubt, but it also taught me to […]

Confessions of a Monarch Mama

Female Monarch on Goldenrod ©Rebekah Lowell In a not-so-instant—everything changed. We are used to everything happening in an instant. If an image takes more than a millisecond to load, we lose interest. If a coffee takes too long to make, we are impatient. If a text doesn’t come through right away, we think something is […]

The Art of Waiting

A closer look at how I arrived here…

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